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5 Ways to Keep Your Kids Occupied on Date Night

It seems like that popular kid’s song should really go along the lines of “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby and no more time for k-i-s-s-i-n-g.” Your time is completely occupied with work and kids, and quality time with your sweetie often gets put on the back burner. Once your kids are out of the house, you’ll be left with lots of time with your spouse, so you’ve got to make sure you keep the spark alive. We did the work for you and found 5 great solutions to keep your kids busy while you enjoy your date night whether it be a movie on the couch, this month’s Datebox or whatever else you two might do during your quality time. 😉

kids playing in sprinkler

KiwiCo Crates: KiwiCo is a subscription company for kids. They offer research-backed  STEM education boxes for kids from 24 months to 16 years and up! While the really young kiddos may need some assistance, the older kids can get going on their own and be completely immersed in learning while you and your boo have some quality time.

Komae Babysitting App: As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child. Komae lets you meet other moms in your area, growing your village and giving you the ability to set up playdates and swap free sits when you need some alone time with your spouse! As of now, Komae’s Premium features are live on the app for $0, but only for a limited time. Retail value will be $10. But, right now, you can upgrade to premium for only $5 and lock in that price for life! Use code: DB50KOMAE for 50% off premium!

Cargo-Bot: According to NPD, 91% of kids age 2-17 play video games. Since your kids are already begging to play a game on your phone or tablet, download Cargo-Bot from the App Store. Cargo-Bot is great for kids ages 5 and up through adulthood. It teaches kids programming concepts, which could even lead to a future career in coding!

Crayola Window Markers: If your child is still toddling and not quite ready for bed, window makers are the way to go. This will keep them occupied while still within sight so you and honey can make something good to snack on and have good conversation without worrying about the kids.

Craft a City – Pull out a roll of kraft paper and have your child(ren) draw out a big city map. Ask them to draw all the streets and buildings. Once they’ve drawn it all out, they can use their Hot Wheels to drive all over town! Depending on their age you may want to supervise the drawing portion but once they are cruising, you are home free!

There are many options out there—these are just 5 of our favorites. Kids definitely shouldn’t be the only people you have quality time with, so be sure to make time for your boo! Did we miss your favorite tip? Share your go-to ways to keep the kiddos busy in the comments.

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