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10 Best Date Night Movies

Two of the hardest decisions every couple faces are where to eat and which movie to watch. Worry no longer! Check out this list of 10 must-watch movies together. Goodbye decision fatigue, hello date night!

  1. 500 Days of Summer. If you’re looking for commitment, try this on for size. It’s romantic and sad, but it also makes you realize how special relationships are. Bonus points for any post-date conversations about defining your relationship.
  1. La La Land. Here’s to the dreamers. his flick will make you cry happy & sad tears in the most fun, charming way. Nominated for Best Picture, it’s a new take on musicals that’ll leave you and your date swooning. Who knows, this one may even inspire you both to dance the night away!
  1. All the Harry Potter movies. Not only are these the best movies of all time, but there are also seven of them—i.e.,plenty of follow-up dates to keep making out through…or watching. Your choice. See how much closer you end up sitting together by movie seven part two. Magical, indeed.
  1. The Avengers. OK, unexpected. But sometimes watching an action movie just fits better than a comedy or romcom. It’s got action, intrigue, & eye-candy actors, plus it’s captivating enough for both of you to enjoy. Win-win.
  1. The Lego Movie. If you’re wanting to find out how great your date’s sense of humor is, use this to test it out. It’s hilarious, witty, sarcastic, & entertaining enough for you to continue making jokes the rest of the night. You’re welcome.
  1. Up. Pixar films are a sure-fire way to elevate a date to the next level. And this one is simply beautiful. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll remember your childhood, & it’ll provoke get-to-know-you discussion like adult movies just can’t.
  1. About Time. Not only will this movie make you experience all the romance, but it’ll also give you the fuzzies about all your relationships. This movie makes you grateful, brings you to tears, & warms your heart in a way few can.
  1. The Family Stone. We love movies about big, crazy families. This movie’s set during Christmas and you get to see all the different family dynamics & personalities mash together. It’s like drinking the perfect cup of eggnog—but delicious like coffee instead of disgusting like we all know eggnog is.
  1. Crazy. Stupid. Love. This movie has one of the most hilarious, interwoven plots you won’t see coming. It’s a laugh-worthy romcom that’ll have you tearing from the laughter and having the time of your life. Maybe you’ll even attempt that iconic dance afterward. 😉
  1. Little Miss Sunshine. You guys. This. Movie. It’s like watching a real-life family for a weekend. They have quirks, problems, & a lot of love for each other. Steve Carell, Alan Arkin, and Abigail Breslin are stunning in their roles. It really is a can’t-miss movie.

So next movie date, skip the 30-minute debate over what to watch and work your way down the list. You can thank us later.

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