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Costume Ideas for you and…BOO!

The great thing about Halloween is that once a year, we get to put on a killer outfit (pun intended) that we wouldn’t normally wear any other day of the year. You might be a chick who wears pearls on the reg but on Halloween, you & boo are rocking leather jackets and thick, black eyeliner. Maybe you’re a dude who works in accounting but on Halloween, you’re a ringmaster and your honey is your favorite circus animal. Whatever the case, every year, early fall nights are generally spent scouring Pinterest for the best couples’ Halloween costume you can find; hoping no other couples saw the same pin.

This year, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are our favorite couples’ costumes right now:

Lady and The Tramp

Alien to His Astronaut

King and Queen of Each-other’s Hearts

Christopher Robin and a Belly-Full-Of-Hunny Pooh

The Mad Hatter to Her Alice

Pop-Eye and Olive Oil

Colonel Sanders’ Main Chick

JoAnna and Chip Gaines

The Tooth Fairy and Her Biggest Supplier



Merry Halloween — may it be scary and black. Use #HoneyandBoo to show off your creativity.

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