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Simple Ways to Make An Ordinary Day More Romantic

While big romantic gestures are fun and sweet, the small everyday interactions with your love will strengthen your relationship. Here are our simple ways to bring the romance every day.

Start and end your day with a smooch!
Just a few seconds to connect and the beginning and end of your day can go a long way in making your partner feel appreciated and cared for.

Discover each other’s love languages and use them daily.
Learning and using each other’s love language is a game-changer for relationships. You can take our free assessment here.

Let your sweetie know you are thinking of them throughout the day.
Send a sweet or flirty text. Place a note in your babe’s car or bag.

Create a more relaxed and romantic home.
Light some candles, turn off the tv, and play your favorite music.

Give a compliment each day.
Boost your partner’s self-esteem and help maintain that spark.

Get an old-school alarm clock.
NO PHONES IN BED! This could be one of the most significant changes you can make to your relationship. Removing the distractions of our phones helps bring back those rare moments to connect.

Ditch the sweats and upgrade your sleepwear.

Don’t ask, “How was your day.”
Instead, try “What was one high point of your day?”, “What was a low point?”, “What is something that surprised you today?”

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