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10 MUST HAVE Items For Your Wedding Registry

Whether you’re the couple headed down the aisle, or a guest looking to purchase a worthy wedding gift – we know the stress can be high to get it right. With overwhelming lists or endless products to add to your registry, it can be a struggle to know what would be the perfect set of silverware to last the test of time or if you’ll really need that Kitchen Aid mixer.

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We asked a few couples who’ve been married for years to tell us their favorite wedding gift, and the ones they are still using today. Here are the top 10 must-have items to add to your wedding registry!

Pyrex Baking Dish Set

“We use them almost every single time we cook. Can go in the microwave too, which is a huge bonus!” – Stephanie, married 32 years.

High Quality Pots and Pan set

“I wish I would’ve asked for more expensive pots and pans. Now I’m in need of replacing mine, and I don’t want to spend the money on such a nice set that would’ve lasted me longer. – Maggie, 5 years.

Kitchen Aid Mixer

“I love my Kitchen Aid Mixer. I was so torn on if I would put it to enough use, but seeing that my grandma still has hers after being married nearly 60 years, I decided I would invest for use over the years to come.” – Heather, married 5 years.

Cozy Bedding

“Everyone needs a good comforter. It feels really special in the moment and keeps your bedroom intimate.” -Laley, married 3.5 years.


“A nice set is a must when hosting friends and family for dinners.” – Madison, married 8.5 years.

Dutch Oven

“Definitely worth splurging on an expensive dutch oven. I use mine daily!” – Amanda, married 3.5 years.

Betty Crocker Cook Book

“I received this when we got married 57 years ago and still use it all the time!” – Gini, married 57 years.

Pizza Stone

“We love having a pizza stone and use it all the time!” – Lauren, married 3 years.

China and Stemware

“I love my china and stemware, but I would’ve never bought it for myself.  Having a set for hosting dinners is so nice. I love the classic and simple design.” – Sandy, married 40 years.

Bath Towels

“Nice bath towels make every guest feel like they are staying in a luxury hotel when they visit you.” – Emily, married 3.5 years.



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