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Put Away Your Phone And Reconnect With Your Partner

Technology can be a blessing and a curse. We’ve seen the way the world has been connected in a way that would not be possible before technology. In spite of the gift of technology, we’ve seen our relationships suffer with the ones we love the most. As Sherry Turkle mentions in her book, Alone Together, “We expect more from technology and less from each other. We create technology to provide the illusion of companionship, without the demands of friendship.” It’s time to put away your phones and regain the power of connection with your partner.


We’ve compiled a few of our favorite tips for staying connected to your partner and growing your relationship through uninterrupted time together.


No phones in the bedroom.

Abiding by this rule as a guiding principle in your home will transform your relationship. Treat your bedroom like a sacred space in your home. Not only does this practice improve intimacy, but improves “sleep hygiene” – also known as a regular rhythm of sleep. We’re all guilty of hitting snooze a hundred times or scrolling social media or news updates on our phone after we’ve gotten into bed.


Put your phone away for the night starting at dinner time.

Create intentional time in your home to continue to date your partner, talk about your day, and make new memories together. Set your phones on a charging station in a central location of the house, and watch what happens when you and your partner give each other, and your home your undivided attention. Make your dinner table a “no phone zone” and you’ll see your relationship deepen and your communication skills improve.


Ditch your FOMO (Fear of missing out).

Let’s be honest, technology drives the compulsion to know what everyone else is doing – all. the. time. In reality, you’re probably with the one you would want to be with most anyway! Whether you’re on vacation, or in the middle of another work week, we can all agree that life is more about who you’re with than what you’re doing – or how its portrayed on social media. Ditch the phones and practice gratitude for being right where you’re at.


Schedule a “business meeting” with your partner.

Set up a weekly “business meeting” with your partner to discuss what is on both of your plates in the coming week and when you plan to spend tech-free time together. This is the perfect time to schedule in date night! Your business meeting doesn’t need to take up a ton of time, but should easily allow you to plan out your week, schedule intentional time together, and keep you and your boo on the same page!


Inspired to spend more time unplugged with your partner? Here are a few conversation starters you can discuss together on your next tech-free evening!

  • What was the highlight of your day? 
  • What is something in your life that is frustrating you or causing you stress right now? How can I help?
  • Name one thing we have in common that you really love?
  • What is an ordinary action that you find very attractive?f
  • What are some of your favorite forms of self care?

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