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40 Almost Free Spring Date Ideas

Are you feeling the itch of spring and looking for an exciting way to celebrate the new season with your significant other? These creative and budget-friendly date night ideas, you and your partner will have the perfect opportunity to get outdoors and make the most of the warm weather. From cheap outdoor picnics to a night of stargazing, these date night activities will keep you and your partner feeling fresh and inspired for the entire season. Whether you’re just starting off a relationship or in it for the long haul, these 40 almost free spring date night ideas are the perfect way to make the most of the new season together.

  1. Visit a farmer’s market
  2. Have a picnic in the park – Check out our digital date!
  3. Go to an art festival 
  4. Start a garden 
  5. Go for a hike 
  6. Dine outdoors
  7. Visit a local bookstore
  8. Fly a kite 
  9. Play frisbee golf 
  10. Decorate eggs and have an egg hunt 
  11. Celebrate St Patrick’s Day 
  12. Have a board game day- View our best board games for couples.
  13. Volunteer together 
  14. Try a free workout class
  15. Have an Earth Day date
  16. Attend a free outdoor concert 
  17. Bake a seasonal dessert together 
  18. Have a spring cleaning date 
  19. Bake a dessert for a neighbor 
  20. Plant flowers together
  21. Visit a local botanical garden
  22. Stargaze and cuddle 
  23. Make a bonfire and chat
  24. Make tie-dye together- Check out our date experience!
  25. Have an at-home wine and chocolate tasting
  26. Go berry picking
  27. Rent scooters and explore your city
  28. Go to a local baseball game
  29. Make homemade ice cream
  30. Create cards and deliver them to a nursing home
  31. Visit an antique store
  32. Clean out your closet and donate items
  33. Have a goal-planning date- View our printable here.
  34. Grill something outside together
  35. Plan a rainy day indoor date 
  36. Visit an arcade
  37. Do a donut crawl
  38. Spend with morning going to yard sales
  39. Host a brunch together
  40. Visit your favorite coffee shop

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