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Creating a Kissable Red Lip for Date Night

Red lipstick is a classic look & you can rock it! Here are 7 steps to get a kissable red pout.

  1. Prep

You’re ready to wear the red, so make sure chapped & dry skin doesn’t ruin your look.

Use a soft lip scrub to make sure your lips are clean and ready for some color. Tarte’s Facial Lip Scrub feels amazing and gets your lips fresh & primed.

  1. Moisturize

After gently scrubbing your lips, use a light lip balm to moisturize. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Treatment leaves your lips perfectly primed for your look.

We recommend doing steps 1 & 2 as the first steps of your makeup prep. Let your lips soak in the moisturizer while you put on your foundation and eye makeup.

  1. Downplay

Unless you’re walking a red carpet, red lips & full-on eye makeup is too much. Keep your eyeshadows neutral matte shades. Go easy on your eyebrows, too—fill them in, but there’s no need for a harsh brow. You want your lips to get all the attention.

  1. Line

We know this is a heated debate for some people, but there’s nothing more embarrassing than wearing a red mustache instead of a cool lip. Lip liner keeps it all in check. Plus, you can add volume to your lips by drawing slightly outside your natural lip line.

  1. Apply

The key to proper lipstick application is patience & precision. Use a lip brush to take the product from stick to lip. Really work the color into your lips. Don’t just apply and fly. Work the liner into the lipstick.

Just like you can’t blend your eyeshadow too much, you can’t go wrong slowly layering & blending your lipstick.

  1. Bronze

You really don’t need blush when you’re rocking a bright red lip. Instead, choose a bronzer that’s just a few shades darker than your skin tone & add color. Remember, a little goes a long way for your chic look.

  1. Chic

Our absolute favorite way to wear a red is with a t-shirt, jeans, & a killer attitude. It’s laid-back, chic, & sexy. Sounds perfect to us!

Put these tips into practice & pull off your perfect red lip for date night!

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    This was a nice post. Any ideas for dates with couples with multiple children?

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