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Date Ideas That Beat Going to the Movies

Do you ever find yourself in a date night rut? After you’ve been together awhile, you start to get into a date night routine of going to those same 3-5 places that you both like and can always count on. I get it! Playing it safe is easier.

The good thing is that there are always new ideas available! Here are 3 date night ideas for you that beat just going to the movies:

1. Caffeine crawl


This date is perfect for a Saturday morning. Depending on where you live, you might have a few coffee shops all within a few miles of each other, which means you can get to each one in good time. Grab your bikes (or rent some) and get going! When you get to each coffee shop, you can pick different things to taste test. Some coffee shops even have tastings or classes on the weekend already. You can take a seat and enjoy your coffee, tea, or pastry. Be sure to mix in some good conversation with our conversation starters located on our new Datebox app! Then, move on to the next spot. I suggest hitting up 3 spots—that way, you get a good bike ride in and a good caffeine kick. 😉

2. The progressive dinner


This date is similar to the caffeine crawl as you’ll be headed to a few spots, but at night. The whole fun of this date is getting to try new places you’ve never tried before. Here’s how it works: You go to the first spot for drinks at the bar or rooftop. This is a good time to catch each other up on your day—and don’t forget to try something new! Then, you head to your next spot for appetizers. This is a chance to try something crazy if you want. The point is to get a snack that won’t fill you up before your main course. Then, you guessed it: Dinner time! Try out your new dinner spot together. Last but not least, dessert—which, if we’re being honest, is everyone’s favorite part. Your dessert spot doesn’t have to be at a fancy restaurant, either. My pick would be ice cream, and I don’t know about you, but McDonald’s serves up some great cones for about a buck each, and that’s pretty great to me!

3. Playtime in the park/picnic


This date is another fun idea to bring you back to your childhood. It’s playtime at the park! There are so many fun possibilities with this date. Go be kids again and feed the ducks or swing together and see who can jump off the farthest. You two can even break out a blanket and set up a picnic with snacks and wine or come at night with some hot chocolate and enjoy the stars. All that matters is that you’re spending time with your boo!

Keep dating your significant other. Planning these kinds of dates together will only bring you closer. When you have fun together, you’re building lasting memories. I hope these date ideas inspired you to take your honey out tonight and show them just how much you love them!


Share your date ideas with us below!


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