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What’s a Budget?

What if there were a simple way to avoid arguments about the number one reason couples get divorced? There is, but it’s not what you’d think.

What’s this magical unicorn solution? A budget. We know, it doesn’t sound like the catch-all solution. But hang with us.

budgeting, eeeww!

Budgeting gets a bad rap. It’s not your parents crunching numbers with a calculator and receipts, fighting about there being too much month and not enough money. These days, having a budget is as simple as installing an app on your phone (and yes, it even does the math for you).

So, what exactly is a budget? Think of it as your personal Yoda, guiding you to make better, wiser decisions about your money. Your budget shows you how much you’ve spent every month fueling that Starbucks addiction, but it also helps you make better choices about your finances, especially with your partner.

To get started find a low-cost or free budgeting app that you and your boo can get on board with, then start tracking your expenses each month. Figure out how much you really need to eat out, buy groceries, and cover rent—you know, the basics. But also, find out how much you both want to start saving for a rainy day, that dreamy vacation, or your retirement. Save that money & allow yourselves to splurge a little, too.

Basically, you’re the boss of your budget. You make the rules. It’s your budget, and you can cry (tears of happiness) if you want to. Figure out how much you and your sweetie want to spend on each area of your life, and do it!

I did the math, we can't afford the cat.

If you and your bae stick to your budget throughout the month, you’ll be far less likely to fight about it later when your sweets realizes you just bought another Kate Spade bag or upgraded the TV in the living room.

Your budget doesn’t have to cramp your style. It can help you live the life you love—and also keep living the life you can afford. So, this month, try out a budget app and schedule a budget date with your babe. You may be surprised at how sexy saving can be!

Yeah baby! We made a budget!

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