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5 Great Ways to Bring Life to Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

Whether you host Thanksgiving yourself or head to a family member’s house, you somehow always end up with more food than you had at the beginning of the day. You’re either really excited about the prospect of a week’s worth of turkey sandwiches, or you’re worried about what you’re going to with two pounds of mashed potatoes. (Thanks, Grandma!)

Instead of sticking to the same ol’, same ol’ and just microwaving a plate of sad stuffing, put a funky spin on it by trying these 5 tips for bringing life to your Thanksgiving leftovers!

Potato Pancakes:

Coming from a household with German ancestry, potato pancakes were regular for us. Anytime there were leftover mashed potatoes from dinner, I asked for potato pancakes the next day. You can make a basic potato pancake, which are great with applesauce—trust me! Or, you can try Just a Taste’s take on potato pancakes and make them super cheesy like a loaded baked potato!

Monte Cristo Waffle Sandwich:

Monte Cristos are always deliciously salty-sweet—you just can’t go wrong. Foodie Crush put it on a waffle and that idea is pure genius. Use your leftover turkey, leftover ham, and leftover cranberry sauce, and if you want to use even MORE of the leftovers, use the potato pancake recipe we listed above, throw it on the waffle iron, and you’ve got the ends of the sandwich! (Also try stuffing waffles!) Add some cheese and powdered sugar, and you’re in business!

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes:

If you’re trying to get back in the swing of eating healthy after wearing your pants with the elastic waistband through your 4-day weekend, try these stuffed sweet potatoes by Eat the Gains. As someone who loves sweet potatoes with the melty marshmallows on top, I’m not totally against an unhealthy version of this either. *shrug*

Thanksgiving in a Blanket:

Why is it that everything is better wrapped in a crescent roll?? Asparagus? Yes. Lil’ Smokies? Of course. Thanksgiving dinner? Absolutely! Delish threw us for a loop when they put Thanksgiving Dinner in a Blanket, but after the initial shock, we were saying “Yes, yes, yes!” Kids will love these, and they’re great if you bring your lunch to work, too!

Turkey and Cranberry Quesadilla:

You don’t have to stick to basic American food when trying to use up all that turkey. Little Dairy on the Prairie made sure we knew that when she made Turkey and Cranberry Quesadillas. I’m completely smitten with this idea but to be honest, I’m not cranberry sauce’s biggest fan. Remember, you can stick to a basic quesadilla using your leftover turkey—just add some taco seasoning and bell peppers!

Share your favorite way to bring life to your Thanksgiving leftovers in the comments!

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