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3 Dates that Won’t Break the Bank

Dating your spouse is one of the best things you can do for your marriage. But dating doesn’t have to break the bank! Spice things up by trying these three fun dates that won’t make you (or your wallet) cringe.

  1. Have a PB&J date in the park. Pack up a cute picnic lunch for you and your boo, then head out to your local park for some free quality time that’s just as romantic as a night out. Bonus points if you find a park near some water. It’s a date with a view to keep you both feeling the love.
  2. Arrange a scavenger hunt! Nothing can make a girl swoon more than an honest, well-thought-out gesture of romance. Designing a scavenger hunt is a cheap but sure-fire way to your honey’s heart. Find some cute envelopes and write punny, clever clues on each one. Number them and scatter them in your sweetie’s fave spots—secretly, of course. Then, surprise them by spending all day going to their favorite places. The prize? Anything! It doesn’t have to be fancy. Leave a sweet card or give them a coupon that’s good for chores around your house. A Pinterest-worthy, cheap date is possible!
  3. Matinee away the afternoon. Who says going to the movies has to be a financial ordeal? Take your love to an early movie on Saturday for half the price of an evening showing. As an extra perk, there’s plenty of time to window shop afterward! So, check out a matinee time, sneak in the snacks, and suddenly, your feature flick isn’t nearly so bad for your bank account.
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