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Fiesta like There’s No Mañana

No need for a piñata at this fiesta. You already have the best prizes ever: your boo and date night!

This Cinco de Mayo, instead of heading out with friends for tacos and tequila, get ready to fiesta on your couch. The snacks are picked out and this activity was created with date night in mind. All you need to do is grab the ingredients and your amor!

“I dip, you dip, we dip”

Grab some chips and choose your favorite dip—or make all three because they’re all delicious! Why settle for just one good thing?

Mexican Street Corn Dip

corn dip for fiesta



guacamole prep

Finding Amor

The Spanish language is considered one of the most romantic languages in the world. Since you’re done searching for romance, start searching for the language itself. Find the 20 words hidden in the word search below and learn some of the sweetest Spanish vocabulary.

Next level: If you want to make it into a competition, print two copies and race your love to complete it. The last one to find all the words has to take a shot of tequila!

fiesta word search puzzle

No need to end the fiesta early. Stream Coco or Frida—both excellent films that can introduce you to Mexican culture.

Share photos of your date using #honeyandboo and tell us about your favorite Cinco de Mayo traditions in the comments!

¡Mucho amor para ti y tu amor! 

downloadable word search and answers
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