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11 Unique Styling Tips for Adventurous Brides

Non-traditional weddings are becoming increasingly popular. Couples want their wedding to be unique to their relationship. Instead of making it super formal, they want their guests to show up for a good time filled with games, food trucks, and open bars.

They’re saying, “Come party and celebrate with us!” Have you heard of buddymoon? Some couples are even inviting their friends along for the honeymoon!

A list of all the new, not-so-traditional wedding trends could go on and on and I’m here for it. The excitement doesn’t have to stop with the wedding itself. Add some flare to your wedding attire—you don’t have to stick with a plain white dress!

Here are 11 killer outfit choices that people will talk about for years to come:

Leather or Denim Jacket(s):

Add some edge with a denim or leather jacket. Bonus points if you get it hand-painted!

black leather jacket on bride with unique minimal tiaradenim wifey unique wedding jacketunique bridal party leather jackets


Who says you have to wear a dress? Jumpsuits are back in, so why not wear one on your wedding day?

unique off the shoulder jumpsuitsheer shimmer unique jumpsuit with collarwide leg pants unique jumpsuit with lace


Capes are made for queens and on your big day, that’s exactly what you should feel like!

lace unique cape chic unique cape unique sheer cape with crystals

Short Dress:

You’ve worked your butt off in the gym for those legs, so why cover your favorite asset on your wedding day?

short unique dress short unique dressshort unique dress



Queen Victoria made the white dress popular in 19th century, but hello—it’s the 21st! You don’t have to follow the old rules.

unique blue wedding dresstan dress with unique star applique unique painted dress


Veil? The popular flower crown? Tiara? These are all great, but have you considered a hat?

unique hat for wedding dayunique hat for wedding dayunique hat for wedding day

Doc Martens:

Converse were ever popular circa 2010, but we’re almost to 2020. Try some Doc Martens instead! Hint: These would look great with that leather jacket.

doc martens for unique wedding shoesdoc martens for unique wedding shoesdoc martens for unique wedding shoes

Removable Skirt:

If you want the big ball gown style but want also to be able to dance easily, you can get removable skirts to reveal pants or a shorter skirt underneath.

unique dress with removable skirt


Consider having all your guests wear white or black and then springing for a patterned dress. All eyes will definitely be on you!

unique patterned dressunique patterned dressunique patterned dress

Unique Veil:

If you’re not going for the hat mentioned above and want to keep the dress simple, you can always add flare with your veil.

unique veilunique veilunique veil


A two-piece dress allows you to show as much or as little skin as you’d like. It’s often super complementing to your figure, too!

unique 2 piece dressunique 2 piece dressunique 2 piece dress

Make “Why not?” your new wedding planning motto!

Have you added any non-traditional elements to your wedding? Let us know in the comments! We promise we won’t steal your ideas. 😉

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