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Gifts She’ll Love – Under $100

Are you stumped by what to get the lady in your life? While most of us women could spend days shopping without stopping for a break, it can still be really hard to figure out what it is we want that we haven’t already bought for ourselves. (Side note: Before we dive into a foolproof list of gift ideas, if her left ring finger is looking light, she just might be hoping that you’ll add something shiny to it.) 😉

Now that we got that out of the way, here are 10 perfect gifts for her—all under 100 bucks!

Hair Tie Bracelet – $45

These are still pretty new to the scene and honestly, we all need one but most of us don’t want to drop the cash on one. I know, I know—“need” is a strong word, but these bracelets are incredibly practical. Not to mention, there’s nothing worse than ruining a photo by having a hair tie on your wrist. Hair tie bracelets come in all different colors, so if you don’t already know, take a peek in her jewelry box and see which metal she prefers.

Luggage – from $70

Is your little lady wander-full? Girls love to travel and look good while doing it. You can’t go wrong with a classic Herschel weekender bag or backpack. Amp it up and add a fun passport holder or let her know that you two are going to get away for the weekend once the holiday hectics have ended.

Initial Necklace – $58

Take a hint from Taylor Swift’s new song “Call It What You Want” when she said, “I want to wear his initial on a chain round my neck” and get your boo a necklace with your first initial. This Kate Spade one from Nordstrom is super cute! Even if she’s walking around the world with your family name, having your first initial around her neck will make her feel close to you while she’s at the office working her day away.

New Kicks – from $36

Whether she’s a classic gal, sporty, or a trendsetter, every girl loves new shoes. Your girl looking for stylish and practical shoes will love checkered slip-on Vans. She probably had them back in 2004 when she was channeling her favorite character on The O.C., and now it’s 2017 and her favorite blogger is sporting them—they’ve always been a classic look. And for Sporty Spice, did you know running shoes have a limit? They should be replaced every 300-500 miles, which means she’s gonna need new sneakers at least once a year! Does your boo love to have fun and express herself through her outfits? Choose a classic shoe so you can’t go wrong, but get it in her favorite, poppy color like these Jeffrey Campbell Waterproof booties.

Datebox – from $39.95

This is really a gift for both of you. Datebox is here to bring back date night. Every month, we’ll send you two on a date out in your city or we’ll send a box to your doorstep with items you need for an awesome date night at home. Datebox helps keep the spark alive in your relationship by helping you create new experiences together and providing conversation starters so you never stop getting to know each other. Use the code HONEYANDBOO for $10 off your first month.

Polaroid Camera – $69

If your girl loves photography or just loves a good Instagram post, she’ll be super excited to receive a Polaroid camera. It’s fun and trendy while also being classic. PS, Urban Outfitters carries tons of cute cases and purses made just for the Instax.

LuMee Duo Phone Case – $69.95

Every girl secretly wants one of these cases. Whether she takes a ton of selfies or wants to make every photo perfect, the LuMee Duo will give her perfect lighting always. She’ll never have to worry about the sun washing her out or it being too dark in a concert hall to get a cute shot of you two on your night out. Her highlighter will always be poppin’! For practical reasons, this case also has great drop protection.

Copper Moscow Mule Mugs – from $39.95

Copper and rose gold are both super hot colors right now. Even if your girl doesn’t drink a ton of alcohol, being able to add these cute mugs to her Pinterest-perfect bar cart will make her so excited. If she doesn’t already have a bar cart, check out all the fun ones available for as low as $30!

Beddi Smart Alarm Clock – $99

Is your girl a grumpy-gills in the morning? I can’t promise this will cure her, but I am convinced it will help! There are many really cool things about this alarm clock and there’s of course the practicality factor, but the selling points for me are the wake-up light that mimics a sunrise and the option to connect your other smart devices, like your coffee pot! Who doesn’t want to wake to the (artificial) sunrise and smell of coffee?! Crazy people, that’s who!

Marc Jacobs Beauty The Wild One Eye-Conic Eyeshadow Palette – $99

If your babe loves to play with makeup, she’ll love this eyeshadow palette. This limited-edition palette has 20 different colors—and did we mention it’s Marc Jacobs?! Even if you don’t know this designer, she’ll be super impressed and we won’t tell her you got the idea from us. 😉

Ladies, what else would you add to the list? Comment below and feel free to send this link to your boo as a not-so-sly hint for your Christmas wish list.

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