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Gifts To Make Your Guy Giddy

December is here! Hobby Lobby has had Christmas items out for months and shopping malls across the country have been offering photos with Santa since Halloween. But you…you haven’t even started your Christmas shopping.

If you’re like us, you’ve been thinking about Christmas gifts for a while now, but you’re still completely lost on what your boo wants or needs. To take some of the weight off your shoulders, we thought of 10 foolproof things that will make your honey love you even more.

1) Daniel Wellington Watches – Whether he’s trendy, classic, or sporty, Daniel Wellington has tons of styles to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your boo. Bonus: Get them with a steep discount (we’re talking about 50% off) on Amazon!


2) Monster Glo Outdoor Speakers – Whether your man loves the outdoors or just a good tailgate, Monster Glo outdoor speakers will bring the noise and the light. (need to add more)  

3) 6 Months of Dates – This one is really a gift for both of you. Subscribe to Datebox and each month, we’ll send a date straight to your doorstep—or, if you’re in one of our participating cities, we may even send you out on the town! Save the thinking and planning to us, because we’ve got you covered.

4) Tickets to a Show- With so many ticketing companies out there, it’s not hard to find a good deal on whatever types of shows he loves. Whether he’s into music, comedy, ballets, or operas, show your love with center, lower-level tickets, making it the best night of his life—besides when he met you, of course. Bonus points if you get tickets in a city he’s dying to visit or if you just grab a single night in a hotel close to the venue.

5) Electric RC Airplane – Everyone has at least a little bit of the spirit of a child left in them, no matter how old or professional they may be. Toys like an electric airplane or drone can be a great way to escape from the pressure of work and adult life.

6) Cocktail Shaker Set – Whether he likes to have a drink to relax after work or just wants to toss a shaker around to show off his college bartending skills, he’ll enjoy having a fancy cocktail shaker set and you’ll have something pretty to add to your bar cart. Double duty.

7) Record Player – If your dude loves music, we’re convinced that he’ll love the crackling sound of a vinyl record spinning around. If he already has the luxury of a record player and enjoys stalking estate sales for great old school records, get him a subscription to VNYL so he can be one of the few with current hit albums like Twenty One Pilot on vinyl.

8) Capsule Closet – Men hate spending money on clothes. This doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look snazzy—it just means that they think they could buy something more fun and exciting rather than dishing out money for nice, stylish clothes. Buy him some new shirts, a pair of jeans, and some new boots or sneaks and maybe—just maybe—he’ll throw out that ugly sweater he clings to every fall. Check out our Men-Spiration board on Pinterest for some fresh looks.

9) Grooming Kits – Whether you want to get him a grooming kit because he’s a little obsessed with the cleanliness of his beard, because his work requires him to be clean-shaven, or because this gift is a little *hint hint*, there are so many great ones out there for traveling, the outdoors, or everyday use. You can’t go wrong!

10) Yourself – This one completely depends on who you are and where you are in your relationship. If you’re giving the gift of yourself, it’s important to know their love language before going forward with a plan. They may feel most loved when you spend quality time together, so go on a weekend getaway or staycation. If he needs your hands all over him, grab a cute nightie (as sexy or conservative as you wish) and spend Christmas Eve cuddling and kissing.

If you’ve already decided on a big gift for your boo, check out our list of fun stocking stuffers…just in case Santa brings him coal.

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