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10 Habits of Awesome Couples – Part 2


Healthy couples, constantly look for ways to serve one another. It isn’t convenient and it will take time and effort, but it’s one of the best ways to let your partner know you care. Small acts of sacrifice like taking care of the kids, making dinner, or folding the laundry are all great ways to signal to your partner, that you’re in this together.


The quickest way to drift apart as a couple is to stop sharing goals. When life stops having purpose and direction, it becomes boring and stagnant. Create excitement and anticipation about the future by dreaming together. This is a great way to reinvigorate your relationship. Working towards common goals will help carry your relationship through the less exciting seasons life brings.


This is crucial. We’re all human, & we all make mistakes. A relationship without grace has almost zero chance of succeeding. The pressure of being perfect is enough to cause any relationship to crumble, but there is nothing stronger than a relationship full of grace and love.


If lifelong love is what you’re building, then chances are, you’re going to wrong each other, frequently. We are selfish creatures by nature. Don’t keep track of wrongs. Keeping score builds lasting resentment and regret. Every healthy couple knows how to forgive and forget, & it will prevent the messups from polluting your relationship.



Your partner needs a safe place to share their emotions, stories from their day, or challenges they may be facing at work. You share a life together, your stories are interwoven, so it’s important to listen. A relationship is a safe place to be heard, share struggles, & celebrate successes. Listening to your partner shows them they can always share with you safely.

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