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How to Make Your Home a More Peaceful Place

Your home says a lot about you. It’s a safe haven after a long day at work, and it should be one of your favorite places to come back to. When you’re married, it’s also a shared space where both of your styles come together. But, how do you make your home a peaceful space you love? There’s a hack that will help both of you relax in your space: decluttering.

Sounds easy, right? Maybe. According to the LA Times, the average American home contains around 300,000 things. No wonder you feel like you’re drowning in your own stuff! So, where do you start? Try these three tips to declutter like a boss.

Take an inventory.

Go through all the items in your home. Yes, even the stuff crammed in your drawers, under the bed, and in that tiny corner of the closet no one sees. Ask yourself these questions: Do I love this item? Does it bring me joy? Have I used it in the last month? Here’s the kicker: you’ve got to ask your boo about each thing, too. Really evaluate whether you and your love enjoy or use each item. If you haven’t looked at it or thought about it in the last 6 months, it’s probably clutter you can live without.

Take a picture.

If you’re wrestling with number one because you’d be heartless to get rid of those hideous dishes Aunt Myrtle gave you, this tip is for you. It’s hard to hurt people’s feelings—especially when well-meaning friends and family give you so many wedding gifts and home items. Next time you’re tempted to keep something out of guilt or because it gives you all the sentimental feelings, take a picture of it. That way, you gain the space without losing the memory.   

Take time before you buy.

So, you’re at the store and you see the perfect print for your space. Plus, it’s on sale! What do you do? Resist the urge to impulse buy. Most clutter comes from mindless shopping. Before you buy anything for your space, honestly ask yourself if you really need it. If you can’t justify it, consider coming back for it in a few days. Odds are, you’ll forget all about it. And if you still can’t refuse, snap a picture for your cutie and ask for their opinion first.

There’s nothing better than coming home with someone you love to a place you love. So, use these three tips to make your home a peaceful place you’ll both enjoy.

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