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4 Ways to Become a Morning Person in No Time

Have you ever been jealous of your friends who get up at the crack of dawn to work out? Or the person who always beats the crowds at the best brunch places because they just love getting up early?

Becoming a morning person might be easier than you think. Here are four easy ways to start:

1. Create an evening routine. The best way to have better mornings is to start off with better nights. Remember when you had a bedtime as a kid? It was way more helpful than you think. Set a standard time to be in bed every night—even on weekends—and your body will eventually adjust.

2. Limit your screen time before bed. At 3:00am, watching one more episode of The Office seems like it makes perfect sense, but maybe you should pick up a good book instead. Probably before 3:00 am—just sayin’. (Pro tip: don’t read on a smartphone or tablet that has lots of screen light. Stick with old-fashioned paper or an e-reader, like an Amazon Kindle.) Along with cutting out TV time, it’s best to stop mindlessly scrolling through Instagram before bed. If you just can’t break your smartphone addiction, enable Night Shift on your iPhone to reduce the harmful blue light coming from your screen.

3. Stop hitting snooze. When you keep waking up and falling asleep by banging the snooze button, you’re interrupting your body’s natural rhythm of sleep cycles, which only makes you more tired. It’s the same reason you can feel less tired by just getting out of bed at 6:00am than by snoozing until 7:30, even though you technically got more sleep. Science!

4. Get some natural light in your room. If you can open your blinds at night without disrupting your sleep, the payoff in the morning will be waking up to beautiful, natural sunlight. If you can’t do this for whatever reason, invest in a Philips Wake-Up Light. It’ll automatically simulate sunrise 30 minutes before your alarm time. I’ve used one for almost four years, and it’s awesome.

If you follow all these tips, I’m certain you’ll be on your way to beating the crowds on Saturday mornings at your fave brunch spot in no time.

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