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Don’t even tell me you’re not guilty. We all do it and we all have our favorite way to do it.

We’re talking about procrastination. 

All in the name of productivity, we’ve rounded up our 5 favorite ways to fight procrastination. We can’t be perfect every day, but here are a few tips. We’re gonna try one tomorrow…

  1. StickK 

StickK is a web app that helps you create a goal and stick to it using a personal commitment contract. You can make simple goals like cleaning the kitchen, or big goals like quitting smoking or buying a house. With StickK, you have the option to put money on the line and add referees to help keep you accountable. If you put money on the line, you’re up to 3X more likely to succeed in completing your goal!

  1. The Two-Minute Rule

This rule is based off of physics. As Sir Isaac Newton taught us, things at rest tend to stay at rest, while things in motion tend to stay in motion. If there are things you’ve been putting off but can complete in 2 minutes, you should just do them now. So, go ahead and set your dentist appointment or transfer money to your savings account. Next, spend 2 minutes on bigger things you’ve been putting off. If you want to eat healthier, look up a new healthy recipe and make a list of what you need or prep some grab bags of fruit. Once you’ve started, it makes it easier to eat healthier every day because you’ve already spent 2 minutes preparing. 

  1. Pump Up the Jams

This one is for those of us whose biggest distractor is chatting with coworkers. Invest in a solid pair of noise-cancelling headphones. This will keep you from chiming in on friends’ conversations, as well as keep people from interrupting your work unless it’s for something really important!

  1. Make a List

One simple thing that can be really helpful is to make a list. It may seem obvious, but many of us still don’t do it. Making a list each morning, or at the beginning of your week, can help you visualize all the things you need to get done. It’s also nice to be able to check something off that list and give yourself a boost of confidence. If you’re really into planning and list making, you could use a site like Asana or Wunderlist.

  1. Remind Yo’ Self

If you’re a spender, this may be your favorite option on the list. There are tons of cute products out there that you can use in your work space, whether you’re a busy stay-at-home parent whose office is their SUV or a CEO who practically lives in their corner office.

Try this agenda by












And these fun pencils from HollyOddly on Etsy:











Oh! By the way, reading this blog post wasn’t procrastinating— it was vital research.


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