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How Paying Off Student Loans Changed Our Marriage

This is part four in a four-part series on how to become debt free by working with your spouse to achieve your financial goals.

Go check out parts one, two, and three before you read this to get the whole story.

Overall, moving into the camper was one of the best things we’ve ever decided to do.

The thing is, you can do this, too.

We knew that if we wanted to accomplish our big goal of getting out of debt, then it was in our best interest to be on each other’s side

The result? We trust each other more now than ever. I think when you take a big leap together, you’re forced to trust each other.

That’s what our experience as a newly married couple living in an RV for almost a year was like.

Yes, as we talked about in our last post, we faced challenges. And yes, our camper looked like this every day (not).

In all honesty, we had disagreements. We felt crazy at times. And we stretched ourselves personally, financially, and emotionally.

But it was totally worth it. Sometimes, we even miss that simplicity and our passionate pursuit of a goal together.

Look. You can do the same thing. You can do what we did. You don’t have to live in a camper, but you can take steps to improve your financial life.

In fact, I hope our story inspires you to be bold in your dreams.

Money doesn’t have to hold you back. Money should propel you forward.

Get passionate about changing your situation. Take intentional steps to improve your marriage with money.

Make a budget by downloading our free budgeting spreadsheet. Make a plan. Stick to it. Find mentors.

Chase your dream of financial freedom. It’ll be one of the best things you can do for your future.

There’s nothing more satisfying than setting a big audacious goal with your spouse or partner and then achieving it together. The success is so much sweeter.

Dream on.


About the Author:

Zack is the founder and Chief Blogger at FreeUp, where he and his wife share weekly money tips that demystify personal finance for twentysomethings. Their story has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finances, and U.S. News. Want some help getting your finances in order? Click here to download their latest budget spreadsheet for free.

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