10 Habits of Awesome Couples – Part 1


Everyone needs to be complimented. Couples who are most deeply in love, compliment each other often. It helps build confidence, respect, and admiration when you make an effort to compliment one another.

The world has a way of tearing us down. Intentionally acknowledging the positive things you see in your partner lets them know that you’re their biggest fan. Complimenting your mate, is an incredible way to build them back up as you face life’s challenges together.


Mistakes are going to happen—often. When you act selfishly, break promises, or do things your partner doesn’t agree with, own up to it. Owning your mistakes creates vulnerability and honesty, which will go along way in cultivating closeness When you apologize, it shows your partner that you’re willing to take responsibility for your actions.


Your relationship started out as fun and exciting. Every effort must be made to keep it that way, but it’s hard work. Couples who spend consistent quality time, sharing new experiences together are PQR% more satisfied than couples who don’t.

Date night gives us a chance to reconnect emotionally, and that’s vital to any healthy relationship. Mark your calendars for weekly or monthly date nights, and don’t budge. There will always be a reason to miss date night, but if you desire a healthy, happy relationship or marriage, then date night is a MUST.


Always grant your partner the benefit of the doubt. At times, it’s easy to assume the worst of a person, especially one you’re in an intimate relationship with, because this type of intimacy reveals a person’s deepest, darkest secrets. This level of intimacy can sometimes breed doubt and disenchantment, but it’s important to remember all the reasons you fell in love. Start by always assuming the best of each other.


Sometimes your partner’s feelings can seem insignificant, or even misguided at times. But it’s important to acknowledge that feelings and emotions happen for a reason. Healthy couples always validate one another’s feelings, in an effort to create a space place for each other. No matter the situation, always take your partners feelings seriously, or they may quit sharing them with you.

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