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QUIZ: What Type of Couple Are You?

Are you two totally introverts? What about adventurers? Maybe your sights are set on the biggest trends! Take the quiz below to see how you and boo measure up!


Your idea of a perfect date definitely includes …

Your best date night dinner must have …

Your fave TV couple is …

You’ve been criticized for …

Your favorite thing to do on the weekend is …

Your favorite hobby is …

If your relationship were a food combo, it would be ...

QUIZ: What Kind of Couple Are You?
The Netflix and Chill Champs

You love quality time curled up on the couch together, preferably with a good book or a great movie. Netflix and chill is your love language, and you’re a snack connoisseur who always has popcorn (and sometimes wine) on hand. Snuggling is your jam, and you’re a picture of #relationshipgoals on Instagram. Pro tip: Next weekend, get out of your comfort zone and out of your cozy home. Add a weekend adventure to your to-do list, visit coffee shops, art museums, and festivals, or go out for a run. Whatever you do, take it outside your place and venture into your city.
The “Just Bought a Subaru” Couple

You’re always down for an outdoor adventure. Hiking, biking, climbing—pretty much all the action verbs are calling your name. Your perfect date involves backpacking up a trail with your trusty granola and power bar combo, and you’ve got the perfect outdoorsy look to match. You may or may not have convinced your boo to get a golden retriever solely so you can get outside more. Basically, you’re like the Indiana Jones of couples. Pro tip: Try spending some quality time indoors for a change. Pop in a movie, go to an event in the city, or stop by a social event. Life happens inside, too!
Fitness Freaks

You’re the couple that loves to get fit together. You’ll likely be found going to CrossFit together, training for a marathon on the weekend, or just hitting the gym after work. You hate to stay still and always feel the need to do something active. You eat things like kale and quinoa on the reg. Your main goal is to stay fit and sexy for your bae. Pro tip: Image isn’t everything. Make sure you and your boo bear are getting fit to be healthy, not just to impress each other. Eat a piece of chocolate cake every once in a while—it’s lovely.
Instagram Goals

You’re picture-perfect…or at least you want it to look that way. Your social media feeds are full of carefully curated photos that make all your friends jealous. Whether it’s visiting a new coffee shop, checking out that fancy new restaurant, or just going for a run in the park, you have to snap a selfie everywhere you go. #cantstop #wontstop Pro tip: Take a break from technology and learn to be present with your sweetie. If you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself living for likes instead of loving each other.
Party Animals

You don’t go a party—you are the party. You’re the couple that gets invited to everything and knows everyone. It doesn’t matter if it’s Friday night or Wednesday morning, you bring the party with you wherever you go. You hate to stay home, and if you’re not careful, #FOMO sets in quickly. Pro tip: Take it slow sometimes. Remember, it’s totally okay to stay home and cuddle while watching The Notebook. The party will still be there next weekend.

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