Making Your House a Home Together

Have you ever left Lowe’s in tears after fighting over which shade of white paint should go on your walls? If so, this article is for you. And if not, this article will help you avoid future home improvement-related crying.

When you move in together, sometimes it’s hard enough to figure out differences in laundry folding techniques—let alone how to decorate your home. Since it’s where both of you live, it’s important that the style reflects both of your personalities.

1.)  Build a style together. It’s so exciting to start decorating your love nest. The temptation to go overboard is easy, especially when you have a clean slate. Keep it simple & start with the essentials: a couch, bed frame, or table. Add items later that you both love. Pro tip: talk with your bae before you bring home that piece of art you just had to have.

2.)  Respect each other’s opinions. Duh, right? It sounds easy, but if you’re not careful, you might think that your style is the best style. Obviously, it’s just a matter of preference, & you’re living with a real, living person with real, actual opinions. When you’re open to compromise, you’ll find that your spouse will be, too.

3.)  Use the 80/10/10 rule. Just because you’ve combined households doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own flair. Here’s what the 80/10/10 rule looks like: 80% of everything in your home should be things you decided you like together. Then, you each get 10% of your own stuff. This might be art, a plant, or a tapestry over your bed.

Enjoy your new style & digs!

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