5 Must-Do Summer Dates

Summer is one of the best seasons to plan a great date with your honey. There are always low-cost local events and festivals to take advantage of, plus plenty of sweets to treat yourself with. During this hot summer season, try these 5 date ideas with your hottie to heat things up:

  1. Scope out local food trucks. The summer season is the best time to find cool food trucks. They’re almost always at festivals downtown, and there’s nothing that says summer more than getting a quick bite to eat outside. Plus, the festive environment is the perfect place for a romantic summer date.  
  2. Snag some sno-cones. Is there anything more magical than flavorful shaved ice to kick off summer? Sno-cones are a cheap, casual date that summer is made for. Grab your bae and chill out with a yummy sno-cone. The best part? You can eat it anywhere. Take it inside, eat one on your back porch, or snuggle under a big, shady tree.
  3. Swimming is a must. There’s something about the exclusivity of swimming that makes it irresistible. For just three months of the year, it’s hot enough to spend a day at the pool, which makes for a relaxing date with your cutie. A casual date at the pool is a great way to unwind, so bring a book, turn up a jam-worthy playlist, and make a splash!
  4. Swing in a hammock. Soak up some summer sun with your sweetie by grabbing a great book and hammocking at the park. Trust me, this date is great for those days you’re willing to be a little outdoorsy but not willing to commit to full-on hiking. Cuddling with your boo bear—what’s not to love?
  5. Sizzle up the grill. Summertime barbecues are the absolute best, & they make great group dates, too! Grill up some burgers, invite your friends to bring some toppings, & start a party. It’s a low-cost way to host a great date for all your couple friends—plus, it’s still a great time for you and your hottie. Win-win, right?
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