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5 TV Shows to Binge-Watch with Babe

The winter and spring months (or really just all the months) are perfect for binge-watching a new show or just your favorite one over and over again. **cough The Office cough** 

Everyone has their favorite date night ritual, and mine is cozying up on the couch with my boo, hot chocolate, popcorn, and whatever show we’re currently obsessing over.

Looking for a new series to get into? Here are 5 tv shows for every kind of couple:

Ted Lasso

Alright, so you don’t know about soccer. That’s okay – this sweet and hilarious comedy featuring an American football coach who crosses the pond to manage a British soccer team will have you laughing, cheering, and maybe (just maybe) tearing up too!

Only Murders in the Building

Okay so you love true crime, Steve Marten, and a good TV show to binge – this is your match made in TV heaven. And did I mention Selena Gomez? Yes, you read that right.  In this comedic drama, three strangers in an apartment building who are obsessed with true crime meet and find themselves solving a murder in their own building together. 

The Umbrella Academy

Quirky. Fun. Totally not the superhero’s Marvel created – but we love it anyway! Joining in on the multi-dimensional trend of today’s TV, is a family of unlikely superheros just doing the every day normal like stopping an apocalypse and traveling through time. A little weird, but totally binge-able.

Grey’s Anatomy 

I won’t lie, the first time I got into this show was when I was up all night trying to pull through college Human Anatomy and Physiology. While Grey’s definitely makes it seem more glamorous than it is, I was hooked. I mean, who doesn’t need a whole lot of medical drama and a little romance in their life? McDreamy didn’t get his name for nothing!


This is the last one on the list, but the newest out there. It has one season on Netflix and has just been renewed for a second. It’s based in the 70s when FBI agents first coined the term “serial killers” while researching the psychology behind their heinous crimes. Pretty intense! This show is an intriguing one that will keep you entertained…and scared to walk to your car alone.

Grab your seat with babe on the couch (and all the snacks, of course) and enjoy one of these binge-worthy favorites!

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