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29 Tweets about Marriage that are SO Relatable

On Facebook and Instagram, we all act like our lives are perfect. We never fight, we don’t walk around the house all day in last night’s pajamas, and we definitely don’t avoid chores. But on Twitter, things get real and you figure out that your marriage is just like the rest of them. Check out these 29 tweets that are so relatable, you’ll realize your marriage is 100% NORMAL (and special, of course).

Awkward Roommate Situation:

Becoming Homebodies:

The Pains of Becoming Parents:

House Rules:

Having Different Hobbies:

Planning for the Future:

Morning Breath:

Conflicting Styles:

Not Wanting to Grow Up:

Annoying Each Other Forever:

Life < Food:

The Power of Target:

Picky Eaters:

Figuring Out Who Makes the Rules:

Delicious Habits:

Subtle Hints:

The Money Battle:

Chore Bandit:


Teaching Kids the Basics:

Forgetting About Date Night:

Taking it to New Heights:

Little Victories:

The Pantry is Lying:

Just Cleaning Up a Little:

Choosing a Pet:

Little Letdowns:

The Worst Chore:

Trust No One:

We hope you enjoyed these tweets and shared some laughs at the ones that sounded just like you. Be sure to follow Datebox on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for other hilarious, relatable, and helpful content!

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