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5 Fun, Upbeat Love Songs For Your Next Road Trip (that you probably haven’t heard of!)

Some my most fond memories with my wife, Devon, have been spontaneous, carefree road trips.  Isn’t it an incredible feeling to get in the car, buckle up, and have nothing but open road, and adventure staring at you through your windshield? If you haven’t taken a road trip with your boo lately, or struggle to decide where your trip should take you, here are 3 Fantastic Cities For A Romantic Weekend Getaway On A Budget!

Now, anyone who’s road-tripped before, knows that it’s about the journey, and not necessarily the destination, and there are a few key ingredients to a successful road trip….great snacks, great conversation, and most importantly, great tunes.  If you and your boo’s voices aren’t becoming hoarse from belting out incredibly-flat tones by mile 25, you’re totally missing out! Here are 5 fun, upbeat love songs for your next road trip, that you probably haven’t heard of!

“Official”  by Spencer Crandall

This catchy tune will have you snapping your fingers in no-time, remembering what it was like to first fall in love.  You won’t be able to take this one off of repeat, trust me.

“Running Around In My Dreams”  by Tyrone Wells

Take a stroll down memory lane with Tyrone.  This song is easy to sing along with and will have you holding hands across the center console in no time.

“She Is”  by Ben Rector

This is a playful tune that puts off all the right vibes.  It’s sure to put a smile on your face, and have you drumming on the dashboard & steering wheel in no time.

“Nothing Like You”  by Dave Barnes

This is one of my favorite songs. Every time I listen to it, I’m reminded of all the things I love about my wife, I hope it will do the same for you two love birds.

“Precious Love”  by James Morrison

This one speaks for itself, your love is precious, so belt it out and let the world know!  Also, this one was definitely going to make the list because it was Devon and I’s first dance at our wedding 🙂

Hope you enjoy!  What are some of your favorite road trip love songs?  Let us know in the comments below!  We could probably create a pretty killer playlist together!

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