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How to Rest When Life’s Hard

Life’s filled with unplanned twists and turns. Some are good, while some leave you stressed & off balance. How do you re-center after a crisis? Here are a few of our favorite ways to get back to a peaceful place.

  1. Meditate
    1. This is simply taking time to quiet your mind and focus on what’s going good in your life. What are you thankful for? What’s gone well lately that you would like to do more of? Think about these things and let your mind rest.
    2. We recommend doing this daily—preferably as you start your day. If you feel yourself moving to a place of negativity, remember that you’ve got things in your life that are good & positive. Keep your mind there instead.
  2. Rest
    1. It sounds simple, but think about how little time we actually take in a day to rest. Resting means putting away your smartphone, maybe running a warm bath, enjoying a glass of wine, and relaxing.
    2. Try these breathing exercises as you begin your relaxation:
      1. Pranayama
        1. This is the basic breathing technique for yoga. Simply breathe in 4 counts, then out 4 counts. Repeat and relax.
      2. Abdominal Breathing Technique
        1. Place one hand on your stomach and one hand on your chest. Breathe in 4 counts. Hold in your breath as you count to 7. Release breath through 8 counts. Repeat.
  3. Exercise
    1. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are like natural painkillers—they relax you and reduce stress. Exercise also helps you get better sleep. Plus, the more you deal with stress in healthy ways like this, the better you’ll be able to react & deal with future stress.

Bumps in the road are inevitable. But planning ahead and taking time for self-care are essential to living your best life even with hiccups. Namaste, friends!

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