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Halloween Drinks that are Hauntingly Good

Drinker or not, Halloween is the one time in the year you need something good to sip on while all the little ghouls and boys ring your doorbell and ask for free candy. For some reason, having a festive drink in hand puts you in the spooky spirit and makes you want to turn up the Halloween jams.

Whether you are handing out candy or saying “bah humbug”, here are 5 drinks to make this your best Hallow’s Eve yet. Don’t worry, they aren’t those zombie brain ones that were trending in 2013.

1) Black Magic from Elle Talk

2) Bloody Shirley Temple by This Grandma is Fun

3) Pumpkin Spiked Horchata by Slim Pickins Kitchen

Bonus: This one can be used on Thanksgiving too!


4) Embalming Fluid by Noshing with the Nolands

5) The Witch’s Heart by The Flavor Bender

Have a safe and spooky Halloween. Use #honeyandboo to show us your attempts on these hauntingly good drinks!

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