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Dos and Don’ts for Wedding Guest Outfits

Getting an invite to a fall wedding has my internal dialogue going somewhat along these lines: “Don’t do this to me. Love ya, but it’s already hard enough to find an outfit for weddings in the spring. How am I supposed to look cute and stay warm?” Cue diving deep into Pinterest til the wee hours of the morning, hoping I can find something cute, warm, and affordable—or even better, a new combination of something I already own.

Three things to try and be super conscious of when finding the outfit are ceremony time, wedding colors, and doing everything in your power to avoid anything with too much white or any shade of off-white.

It’s the bride’s time to shine y’all—don’t steal her thunder.

Considering ceremony time is really important so you can get a better idea of what style will fit the wedding. While you may be sure you want to rock a pantsuit, the type you go with and how you accessorize should be determined by the time of day. All black may look great for an evening wedding, whereas all black at a brunch reception will look harsh, so it’s best to opt for something lighter while staying aware of their wedding colors.

Keeping your outfit in line with their general color scheme is always a good idea. While you don’t want to match the bridal party, you also don’t want your outfit to stand out from the crowd or outshine the bride. In general, if you know the colors of the wedding are light pastels, don’t show up rocking your favorite red jumpsuit. On the other hand, if you know they’re using really fun, punchy colors, go wild, my friend.

While we’re on the color conversation, it feels like we shouldn’t have to say this, but it seems like at every wedding we attend, someone is ballsy enough to show up in a white dress with a slight floral pattern or a solid too-close-to-white-to-be-okay dress. Sure, if your friend is one of those girls who are super adventurous and is steering clear of the traditional white dress (God bless them; it’s always stunning), by all means, wear white—but otherwise, save yourself the dirty looks and don’t do it!

Need some inspiration? Honey + Boo has made it easier for you to find the perfect outfit. Check out our Pinterest board for our favorite Wedding Guest looks.

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