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Take the Selfie Your Face Deserves

When you take a selfie, you’re putting your face out there for the world to see! If you take one with bad lighting, squinting, or a double chin thrown in—well, you’ll probably just call it a night, right? 

Taking a selfie is serious business. You’re showing your face to the Internet universe. You want to get it right, and we’ve got your back. 

Here are some ways to show your beautiful face & fun Datebox date to the world:



Outside: Always put your back toward the sun. You’ll look like a little angel baby with the sun glowing around your head. 

Inside: Find natural light and use it. Try sitting by a window, and this time face into the light. Don’t put the window behind you. Let the light from the window give your face a great glow. 

Find the right angle:

If your arm is fully extended, you’re holding the camera too far away. Keep it close. Look up (slightly) for a longer neck and slimmer face. Try angling your face and body to see what works best for you. 

Show those curves, sister

Get those hands up on your hips, when I dip, you dip, we…But for real, get a hand high on your hip. Bring one knee up, like you’re going to bring it all the way to your chest. (Just kidding—definitely don’t do that. We’re just going for a little raise.) Work that Bend and Snap, girl!


Outside: Get in the same flattering light as the ladies. When outside, keep your back towards the sun, and select an interesting background. 

Inside:If you’re inside, find the most natural light. Lamps tend to give a yellow light that’s unflattering. Try going for window light and put your face toward the light (opposite of outside). Just make sure you’ve picked up your living room first. 

Outta that box: Always have some sort of interesting background or reason you’re taking a selfie in the first place. There’s nothing interesting about you snapping a pic in your cubicle. Think outside that box, literally. 

All the feels: Finally, give the camera some kind of expression. Show that you’re excited to be at an awesome game—flash us those bright chompers. 

Feeling contemplative at an art gallery? Give us your best pensive stare. 


Fess Up: It’s never cool to use #nofilter or #nomakeup. Let’s all just be honest. You know you put a filter on it. Own it! 

The filter to rule them allDid you know there’s one filter that will instantly give you warmth, tone, and extra awesomeness? It’s the Red filter on Instagram.

To use the coveted Red filter

  1.  Open Instagram
  2.  Select the photo you want
  3.  Tap “Edit” at the bottom
  4.  Scroll right to “Color”
  5.  Choose the red option 
  6.  Tap the red button again and slide to your desired intensity


You’re now a selfie ninja whose powers rival Kim Kardashian’s! Wield the knowledge wisely, & remember: no double chins.  

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