First Date Makeup Tips

First date makeup. Get it right & you feel like a million bucks. Get it wrong & find out your lipstick’s gone rogue & you’re sporting a bright red mustache. You want to look like a rock star without looking like you tried too hard, so what do you do? Here are some of our favorite tips to nail your first date look:

  • Don’t try out a new look on your first date. If you’ve never worn falsies, tonight isn’t the night. Go with something you love.
  • Keep it light. It can be easy to want to pack on the layers of makeup to feel more secure, but really it can just become a distraction.
  • The most important part of your face to focus on is your skin. When your skin looks perfect, everything else is just bonus. Or donuts. Donuts are better.
  • Bring focus to your eyes. When your skin looks flawless, you’ve got room to play up your eyes.
  • Go for a more natural lip. Save your hot pink lipstick for your next night out. Wear a soft nude or pink lip to bring the intensity back to your eyes.

Whatever look you go for, just be confident & own it. Now get out there and enjoy that first date!

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