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Quiz: What Makes You Feel Most Loved?

It’s no secret that we all have different ways we feel loved and usually, ours is not the same as our partner’s. The trick to being loved well and making your partner feel loved is learning HOW each of you feel most loved and being intentional about doing those things for each other.

Take the quiz to find out what make you feel most loved!


Pick an ideal date night activity:

What’s your favorite thing your significant other does with you?

What’s your definition of the perfect ending to a date night?

If you had to pick an animal to be your pet, which one would you choose?

The last argument we had as a couple was about…

If you could pick what your boo thang will get you for your next b-day, what would you choose?

The last time I felt appreciated by my significant other was when…

What makes you feel loved the most?
Time Spent Together

Meaningful conversation is your jam. You love coffee and dinner dates, walks in the park, and trying new things together. You feel the most loved when your significant other spends time with you—without distraction. You hate when your partner spends your time together checking Instagram or watching the game out of the corner of their eye. Remind them how this makes you feel—they likely don’t even realize they’re doing it.
Being Served

You feel the most loved when your partner goes out of their way to do something to serve you. You think it’s sexy when your hubby takes out the trash or gives the kids baths before bedtime. You know your girlfriend loves you when she cleans your apartment even though you didn’t ask. Remind your partner that it doesn’t have to be elaborate—simply putting away the dishes will make your heart skip a beat.
Gifts, Gifts, and More Gifts

It’s all about dat bling. Just kidding. This one may seem superficial, but it doesn’t have to be. You feel the most loved when your sweetie buys you something nice, whether it’s a new piece of jewelry, those new shoes you’ve been eyeing, or some flowers brought home after work. Just remember that gifts often cost money, so make sure you make it clear to your partner that you can feel just as loved with a homemade or inexpensive gift.
Kind Words

You feel the most loved when your sweetie writes you a thoughtful card, calls to ask how your day was, or simply says, “I love you.” You appreciate thoughtful words, not just those meant to flatter you. You may find yourself feeling frustrated with your partner if it seems like they’re just saying the “right” words but don’t actually mean them.
Getting Physical

Two words: fire emoji. You love being touched to receive affection. This could be holding hands in public, a simple hug, or maybe something a little steamier…you know. You feel the most loved when your partner goes out of their way to make things physical.

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