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iPhone X-tremely Cool New Features

Once again, Apple’s dazzling us all with their new iPhone X. We just can’t seem to get enough.

At Datebox, most of us are still sporting iPhone 6s — we’ve got one dude with a 5c. And no, we don’t understand either. But interestingly, only one person in the office is planning to jump ship right away for the new generation. Even though most of us won’t be in line to order one, we’re loving the new features on the iPhone X.

Here are the top 4 mind-blowing features of Gen X:


All the possibilities with Animoji made me pretty pumped. I mean, you’re telling me I can be a unicorn or panda and it will mimic my facial expressions?!

Bitmoji no more. Sign me up! Side note: This quickly faded to concern because I have basically 3 facial expressions in my catalog.

Front-Facing Portrait Mode

Awwww SHOOT! I am here to tell you that the best photo ever taken of me was with an iPhone 7Plus using portrait mode. God bless us everyone, because our newsfeeds are all about to be stocked with selfies. And I mean STOCKED. This new camera paired with our blog post Take the Selfie Your Face Deserves — all I can say is: 

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is completely mind-blowing. I have two thoughts on this one: 1) Good luck to y’all snoopers out there because checking your boo’s phone just got harder. 2) Good luck to all the amazing makeup artists out there whose different looks make them look like a new person every day, because I’m still not sure if this will work for you!

5.8-Inch Display

One thought: 


For those of you who are planning to buy the new iPhone, convince us it’s worth its $999 price tag in the comments!


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