3 Creative Ways to Document Your Travel

It’s probably no surprise that millennials place a much higher value on having experiences than on accumulating more things (yes, it’s okay to tell your mom you don’t want all of her old knickknacks.) We’d rather make memories with the people we love than buy things that are meaningless. When you’re traveling around with your sweetie having the adventure of a lifetime, here are three creative ways to keep those memories for life:

1.) Download the “1 Second Everyday” app. This is my new favorite app. Every day, you record—you guessed it—one second of video on your phone. Not only is this a great way to document your entire year, but it’s also a perfect way to have fun while traveling. Since you can only pick one second of video each day, you’ll want to get creative trying to pack your favorite moment into just one second.

2.) Create a photo book. Even though you have all of your precious vacation photos stored safely on your phone and in the cloud, there’s something magical about a real-life, printed photo book. (But seriously, have you seen a printed photo book in person? They’re like real-life unicorns.) Services like Chatbooks and Artifact Uprising make it even easier to capture your adventures on sweet, lovely-smelling paper.  

3.) Buy a Polaroid and keep a travel journal. First step: get a new notebook—preferably one that you’ll love writing in, like a Moleskine or Baron Fig. Next step: grab a shiny new Polaroid cam—or dust off an old one—and take it with you on vacation. When you snap a pic, first shake it like OutKast told ya to. Then, use a Sharpie to write a super short description and tape it to a page in your notebook. Below the photo, write a longer description of what the photo means to you, what was happening in the moment, and how it made you feel. It’s a budget-friendly way to make sure those memories you’re making last a lifetime.

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