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5 Unique Places to Elope

Is it just me or are elopements becoming more and more popular? When couples hear about the stress and cost of wedding planning, they look at each other with literal fear in their eyes. Instead of joining their friends in the money pit, some couples are choosing to elope with private ceremonies or very intimate guest lists—and I’m here for it!


Here are 5 unique places to tie the knot if you want something a little different than a courthouse ceremony:



The great thing about mountain locations is that they typically come with some built-in extras. Near or on most ranges, you’ll also find waterfalls, forests, or snowcaps. Take advantage of these gorgeous backdrops to create a picture-perfect wedding day. You can even pull some of these natural elements into your reception back home (if that’s something you decide to do).


It’s 2018, so if you’re not busy eating avocado toast, you’re probably at the nearest plant shop picking out some cute succulents for your home. With a desert wedding, you can use prickly pear bushes for incredible photos in your wedding get-up or have minimalistic photos by choosing a desert that’s completely flat with sand for miles.


There’s something so special about getting married in the home you created together. It’s where you have or will spend the most intimate moments of early marriage. Whether you do this with just the two of you or even have a small “surprise” wedding where your friends and family think they’re coming to a cookout only to end up bearing witness to your nuptials, it’s sure to be the most exciting moment of your life.


The Grand Canyon in Arizona is one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World. It’s breathtaking and remarkable, just like your love for each other. If you aren’t near the Grand Canyon, any large canyon will create a beautiful aesthetic for the first day of the rest of your life. Your color palette will be timeless and full of natural reds and blues.


Getting married on a boat will make the moment of your vows peaceful and tranquil. Considering there are no distractions out on the lake or ocean, you’ll be able to fully absorb the special day. If you love the idea of getting married on a boat but wouldn’t want your family and friends to miss it, you can always go with a bigger boat—just make sure you’re not in international waters so the wedding is legit. 😉

Did you or do you plan to elope? What are your tips for making sure the day is completely seamless and everything you thought it would be? Share all the advice you have in the comments!

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