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5 TV Shows to Binge-Watch with Babe

The winter and spring months (or really just all the months) are perfect for binge-watching a new show or just your favorite one over and over again. **cough The Office cough** I know you do it. It’s okay—I do too. Everyone has their favorite date night ritual, and mine is cozying up on the couch with my boo, hot chocolate, popcorn, and whatever show we’re obsessed with.

Looking for a new series to get into? Here are 5 tv shows for every kind of couple:

The Walking Dead

Zombies, the end of the world, some romance, dashed hopes, and yes, more zombies. Need I say more? You can find this series on Netflix with 7 seasons available for your viewing pleasure.

The Mindy Project

This show is full of wit and funny banter. The main character is a single woman having a tough time navigating the dating world while juggling her career as a doctor—and of course, hilarity ensues. This show is on Hulu and the finale just aired with 6 seasons under its belt.

Criminal Minds

This show can be found on Netflix and it seems to be never-ending with an impressive 12 seasons. In my opinion as a tv show binge-watching champion, I think that you can pretty much watch this show in any order you want. It’s a lot like Law & Order: SVU and you can always expect the same kind of episode each time. This is definitely a top crime show that keeps you guessing!


I think everyone and their mom knows about Friends. It goes on this list because it’s a 90s classic that anyone can get on board with. (“Pivot!”) It’s a bit cheesy with a fun story line. Who doesn’t love some cheese? Netflix has this show with all 10 seasons ready to watch!


This is the last one on the list, but the newest out there. It has one season on Netflix and has just been renewed for a second. It’s based in the 70s when FBI agents first coined the term “serial killers” while researching the psychology behind their heinous crimes. Pretty intense! This show is an intriguing one that will keep you entertained…and scared to walk to your car alone.

Grab your seat with babe on the couch (and all the snacks, of course) and enjoy one of these binge-worthy favorites!

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