10-Day Love Your Boo Challenge

We’ve got a fun challenge for you. Take the next 10 days & love on your boo in some extra special ways. Watch how much the little things matter & enjoy sharing your love!

  1. Do their least favorite chore around the house
  2. Bring their favorite dessert home on a Monday night
  3. Listen while they’re talking
  4. Warm their towel while they’re in the shower
  5. Tell them one thing you love about them every day for a week
  6. Sit close to them or give them a hug just because
  7. Cook and clean up one night
  8. Take the kids out and give them some alone time
  9. Write them a note or letter telling them why you love them
  10. Offer up some unscheduled lovin’. Yeah, we mean sex.
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