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Baby You’re a Firework

“Saturday in the park, I think it was the Fourth of July…”

Family, burgers, watermelon, fireworks. These are a few things I think of when I think about the Fourth of July. Holidays are centered around traditions and this one is no different. Creating fun traditions in your relationship is a great way to grow a stronger connection with your babe.

Here are 3 fun traditions you can start this Fourth of July!

1. Tie-Dye Your Own Swag

Remember when your mom used to make you wear the Old Navy flag shirt every year? What if you and boo made your own Fourth of July shirts? This would be a fun activity to do together, plus it’s cost-efficient.

3. Competitive Edge

Maybe games are more your thing! Card games are easy to play in groups and there are two-player games as well if you wanna keep this tradition to yourselves.

 2. Snacks on Snacks

Making a dish together for your family or friend’s barbeque is a fun date option. For example, create a dessert that you bring every year. This is a great opportunity to work together on something you can be proud of, cause you know everybody likes snacks!

Is it just me or are muddy buddies one of the most addicting snacks on the planet? This is a new spin on that classic and delish recipe. This special recipe adds a touch of flair for your holiday barbeque—or enjoy it just the two of you!

Snack Recipe:

Fourth of July mix:

½ cup peanut butter

1 cup chocolate chips

4 cups Chex mix

1 1/4 cups powdered sugar

Peanut M&M’s (red, white, and blue)


1. Line a large baking sheet with wax paper or parchment. Put your 4 cups of cereal in a large bowl. Set both aside.

2. Put the milk chocolate chips in a microwave-safe bowl. Microwave on high for 30 seconds. Stir. Repeat in 30-second intervals until the chocolate is fully melted.

3. Use a large spoon to drizzle the melted chocolate and peanut butter over the cereal. Gently mix as you drizzle, making sure to coat the cereal evenly.

4. Place the powdered sugar in a 1-gallon zip-top bag.

5. Carefully scoop the chocolate and peanut butter-coated cereal into the bag with the powdered sugar. Seal the bag and shake it to cover the cereal with the powdered sugar.

6. Put the mix in a festive platter or bowl, add in your red, white, and blue peanut M&M’s, and you’re golden.

While you’re snacking on your treat, ask your boo some Fourth of July inspired questions!


Conversation Starters:

  1. What’s your favorite Fourth of July memory?

  2. What’s a tradition your family has that you want to keep around for your own family?

  3. What’s your favorite firecracker?

  4. What’s your favorite Fourth of July dish?

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