Gift Guide For Your Other Soulmate

The Christmas festivities are in full swing now! What does that mean? That holiday gift list is now as long as you are. Oh we get it. Feeling overwhelmed? Well we can help! We have been putting together little gift guides for your holiday needs. This gift guide is a fun one. It’s for your best friend. You know, your other soulmate. 😉

We have compiled a list of five items each for the cool babes and dudes in your life that you call friends. The best part is…They won’t break the bank! They are all the perfect gifts under $25. This way, you can spend more on you boo thang, if you want.

Fancy Prosecco Pong:

The first gift is for the classy girl in your life. We all have that one friend that always goes for the prosecco.


Cookbook For The Hangry:

Then we have the gift for the friend that loves to cook… and eat like a Gilmore Girl. Don’t we all?

Princess Wine Glasses

For the friend that is crazy for all things Disney! These wine glasses will give them an excuse to invite you over for wine, so that’s a win win.

Petite Perfume Set:

Everyone loves to smell good right? This one is for the hard to buy for friend. You get a little bit of everything in a fun travel sized version. Who could say no to that?

Fuzzy Mules:

This gift idea is for your trendy, fashionista of a friend. These shoes are both cool footwear for the streets and the sheets…they double as house slippers. Which is awesome.


Now for the dude friends in your life! Aren’t they the hardest friends to buy for yet? Let’s get started…


Engravable Flask Gift Set:

For the classy guy in your circle who appreciates the finer things. You know, smoking an engraved pipe in a silk robe. That guy.

Hip Playing Cards:

Then you have your competitive friend. The guy who knows all of the card games and is the self proclaimed poker champion. A cool deck of cards will do the trick!

Handy Dandy Tool Keychain:

For the handy, MacGyver dude in your life. He can fix anything, anywhere and you are always surprised at how he does it. This is perfect for him.

Retro Star Wars Mug:

We all have that kinda nerdy friend. The one that will debate you all day on the viewing order of the Star Wars trilogy. You will never win that debate! Get them a cool mug instead.

A Bag of Portland’s Finest:

The Coffee snob of the group will love this gift. Especially if you don’t live in one of the few cities Stumptown is located. As Buddy the elf would say-World’s Best Cup of Coffee.

We hope this gift guide gave you some fun, creative ideas for that other soulmate that will rock their socks off this holiday season. Share your gift ideas with us! We love to hear from you!

If you are still looking for ideas for your #1 soulmate, check out our his and hers gift guides.

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