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Our Favorite Hot Cocoa for Two

Hot chocolate is a must-have for cold winter days. Nothing’s better than snuggling up with your sweetie & a warm mug of cocoa. It’s easy to grab a packet of powder, but homemade hot chocolate with simple ingredients is the best way to go.

Here’s our favorite hot chocolate recipe from A Couple Cooks:


  • 3 tablespoons cocoa powder
  • 2 tablespoons honey
  • ¼ cup water
  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 cups soy milk (or milk)

woman sipping hot cocoa


  1. In a glass measuring cup, place 3 tablespoons cocoa powder, 2 tablespoons honey, ¼ cup water, and ¼ teaspoon cinnamon. Microwave on high for about 20 seconds. (Alternatively, for the stovetop method, place these ingredients in a pan over medium heat.) Once heated, whisk the ingredients together until they form a smooth chocolate slurry.
  2. Add a bit of the soy milk and whisk it in to temper the hot mixture. Once it’s incorporated, add the remainder of the 2 cups of milk.
  3. Microwave for another 2½ to 3 minutes until hot. (For the stovetop method, heat the mixture over medium heat until hot, taking care to not let it boil.) Pour into mugs and enjoy.

Cheers to enjoying this on your next wintertime date!

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Creating a Kissable Red Lip for Date Night

Red lipstick is a classic look & you can rock it! Here are 7 steps to get a kissable red pout.

  1. Prep

You’re ready to wear the red, so make sure chapped & dry skin doesn’t ruin your look.

Use a soft lip scrub to make sure your lips are clean and ready for some color. Tarte’s Facial Lip Scrub feels amazing and gets your lips fresh & primed.

  1. Moisturize

After gently scrubbing your lips, use a light lip balm to moisturize. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Treatment leaves your lips perfectly primed for your look.

We recommend doing steps 1 & 2 as the first steps of your makeup prep. Let your lips soak in the moisturizer while you put on your foundation and eye makeup.

  1. Downplay

Unless you’re walking a red carpet, red lips & full-on eye makeup is too much. Keep your eyeshadows neutral matte shades. Go easy on your eyebrows, too—fill them in, but there’s no need for a harsh brow. You want your lips to get all the attention.

  1. Line

We know this is a heated debate for some people, but there’s nothing more embarrassing than wearing a red mustache instead of a cool lip. Lip liner keeps it all in check. Plus, you can add volume to your lips by drawing slightly outside your natural lip line.

  1. Apply

The key to proper lipstick application is patience & precision. Use a lip brush to take the product from stick to lip. Really work the color into your lips. Don’t just apply and fly. Work the liner into the lipstick.

Just like you can’t blend your eyeshadow too much, you can’t go wrong slowly layering & blending your lipstick.

  1. Bronze

You really don’t need blush when you’re rocking a bright red lip. Instead, choose a bronzer that’s just a few shades darker than your skin tone & add color. Remember, a little goes a long way for your chic look.

  1. Chic

Our absolute favorite way to wear a red is with a t-shirt, jeans, & a killer attitude. It’s laid-back, chic, & sexy. Sounds perfect to us!

Put these tips into practice & pull off your perfect red lip for date night!

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QUIZ: What Type of Couple Are You?

Are you two totally introverts? What about adventurers? Maybe your sights are set on the biggest trends! Take the quiz below to see how you and boo measure up!

Your idea of a perfect date definitely includes …

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Costume Ideas for you and…BOO!

The great thing about Halloween is that once a year, we get to put on a killer outfit (pun intended) that we wouldn’t normally wear any other day of the year. You might be a chick who wears pearls on the reg but on Halloween, you & boo are rocking leather jackets and thick, black eyeliner. Maybe you’re a dude who works in accounting but on Halloween, you’re a ringmaster and your honey is your favorite circus animal. Whatever the case, every year, early fall nights are generally spent scouring Pinterest for the best couples’ Halloween costume you can find; hoping no other couples saw the same pin.

This year, we’ve done the hard work for you. Here are our favorite couples’ costumes right now:

Lady and The Tramp

Alien to His Astronaut

King and Queen of Each-other’s Hearts

Christopher Robin and a Belly-Full-Of-Hunny Pooh

The Mad Hatter to Her Alice

Pop-Eye and Olive Oil

Colonel Sanders’ Main Chick

JoAnna and Chip Gaines

The Tooth Fairy and Her Biggest Supplier



Merry Halloween — may it be scary and black. Use #HoneyandBoo to show off your creativity.

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10 Best Date Night Movies

Two of the hardest decisions every couple faces are where to eat and which movie to watch. Worry no longer! Check out this list of 10 must-watch movies together. Goodbye decision fatigue, hello date night!

  1. 500 Days of Summer. If you’re looking for commitment, try this on for size. It’s romantic and sad, but it also makes you realize how special relationships are. Bonus points for any post-date conversations about defining your relationship.

  1. La La Land. Here’s to the dreamers. his flick will make you cry happy & sad tears in the most fun, charming way. Nominated for Best Picture, it’s a new take on musicals that’ll leave you and your date swooning. Who knows, this one may even inspire you both to dance the night away!

  1. All the Harry Potter movies. Not only are these the best movies of all time, but there are also seven of them—i.e.,plenty of follow-up dates to keep making out through…or watching. Your choice. See how much closer you end up sitting together by movie seven part two. Magical, indeed.

  1. The Avengers. OK, unexpected. But sometimes watching an action movie just fits better than a comedy or romcom. It’s got action, intrigue, & eye-candy actors, plus it’s captivating enough for both of you to enjoy. Win-win.

  1. The Lego Movie. If you’re wanting to find out how great your date’s sense of humor is, use this to test it out. It’s hilarious, witty, sarcastic, & entertaining enough for you to continue making jokes the rest of the night. You’re welcome.

  1. Up. Pixar films are a sure-fire way to elevate a date to the next level. And this one is simply beautiful. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll remember your childhood, & it’ll provoke get-to-know-you discussion like adult movies just can’t.

  1. About Time. Not only will this movie make you experience all the romance, but it’ll also give you the fuzzies about all your relationships. This movie makes you grateful, brings you to tears, & warms your heart in a way few can.

  1. The Family Stone. We love movies about big, crazy families. This movie’s set during Christmas and you get to see all the different family dynamics & personalities mash together. It’s like drinking the perfect cup of eggnog—but delicious like coffee instead of disgusting like we all know eggnog is.

  1. Crazy. Stupid. Love. This movie has one of the most hilarious, interwoven plots you won’t see coming. It’s a laugh-worthy romcom that’ll have you tearing from the laughter and having the time of your life. Maybe you’ll even attempt that iconic dance afterward. 😉

  1. Little Miss Sunshine. You guys. This. Movie. It’s like watching a real-life family for a weekend. They have quirks, problems, & a lot of love for each other. Steve Carell, Alan Arkin, and Abigail Breslin are stunning in their roles. It really is a can’t-miss movie.


So next movie date, skip the 30-minute debate over what to watch and work your way down the list. You can thank us later.


How Quality Time Makes a Difference in Your Relationship

“Half our time is spent trying to find something to do with the time we have rushed through life trying to save.” —Will Rogers

When was the last time you spent quality time with your significant other? Trick question, because quality time isn’t defined by physical proximity, but by emotional togetherness. (#micdrop)

I’m not talking about the last time you binged House of Cards together or sat next to your hubby while he watched football. I’m talking about a time where you felt a deep, genuine, passionate connection to the person you love most. When was the last time you felt that?

Ultimately, a lack of quality time can create rifts in a relationship. You might feel yourself going through the motions without ever truly connecting with your partner. If that’s you, don’t worry—it’s not too late to start spending more quality time with your love-bug.

While it can look different for every couple, one of the best ways to spend quality time together is to do a physical activity together, like taking a walk. Quality time is being fully present with your boo—not checking over your shoulder to see the score of the game or if you got any more likes on your Instagram photo. When you get home from work, put your phones in a drawer and turn off the TV. Spend time talking about your day—the good and bad parts—instead of just vegging out to another episode of The Office.

The best way to ensure that you’re spending quality time together is to commit to a regular date night. Don’t let it become a boring routine—try a new restaurant or visit a park you’ve never been to. Go a little old school and play board games together—that’s right, physical board games. Another fave? Slow dance in your kitchen to music off your iPhone—it’s super romantic and you’ll have a blast connecting with your boo thang on a whole ‘nother level…if you know what we mean. 😉

However you choose to spend quality time together, commit to making it a priority that you don’t compromise on. You’ll notice a big difference in the emotional connection you feel with your love, and they will too!

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The Best Date Outfits for Any Occasion – Ladies Edition

Half the battle of any great date is figuring out what to wear. Should you go casual or step up your style game? If you’re struggling to find the perfect outfit for any date, try these looks out for size. You’ll be sure to set some #stylegoals that are equal to your #relationshipgoals.

Sunday Brunch

It’s 2017 and brunch is the highlight of most millennials’ week. It’s the perfect excuse to get dressed up with friends & enjoy mimosas and benedicts. People go shopping just to look for the perfect brunch outfit—or is that just us?

A date & brunch combo makes the importance of your outfit that much higher. One trend sweeping the U.S. right now is statement sleeves. Throw on your go-to bell-sleeved top, pair it with statement shorts or jeans for a more casual look, and you’re in business!


Day Date Exploring the City

If you’re looking for a chic way to say I’m adventurous but not at the price of style, gingham is the trend for you. It’s super versatile and you can dress it up or down! Pair a gingham skort with a fun graphic tee or a gingham tank with your favorite white jeans. Just add some comfortable shoes like these and you’ll be ready for anything the day throws at you!

Casual Dinner Date

This look is perfect for a casual dinner date. It’s easy, but will still make you feel flirty and beautiful. Throw on your go-to black tank and your fave pair of jeans. Add a cardigan and dainty jewelry to create a hip date night look. You’ll have you boo swooning in no time!

Special Occasion Date Night

Looking for something to woo your boo? Most girls’ first thought when a special occasion is coming up is What should I wear?! We’re here to break you out of that go-to LBD. Two of our favorite pieces in fashion right now are wide-leg pants and sheer skirts. Pair either of these with a neutral top and your favorite heels and you’ve got a look that will stop your honey in their tracks!

What are your new favorite fashion trends? Comment below or tag us in a pic on your next date night outfit using #getdatebox. Guys, check out our blog post dedicated to men’s clothing for tips and tricks! We can’t wait to see you & your love looking fly!

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Show Love to Your Bae the Right Way

When you put time into showing love to your bae, you want a big reward, right? Sometimes, though, their response isn’t quite what you hoped for. Maybe you slaved all day to make a Pinterest-worthy dinner for your hubby, but he wished you had just ordered pizza. Or maybe you wrote your wifey the most romantic poem in the world, and she’s mad you didn’t use the time to do the dishes. Consider this: Are you showing love to your bae the right way?

Let me explain: Every person loves to receive love differently. What makes you feel loved may be the total opposite from the way your honey loves. Crazy, right? The thing is, knowing how your cutie best responds to love helps you know how to love them better. Plus, it helps you avoid arguments, resentment, and frustration. So, what are ways to show love to your sweetie?

Below are five universal ways of showing love. Think about which ways your honey responds to best, and talk about which way you both like to receive love. Then, the kicker is to start doing more of that!

  1. Speak kind words. Do sugary words melt your sugar’s heart? Conversely, do they get angry with you when you say something rude, sarcastic, or harsh to them? They may feel the most love from your kind words. Someone with this preference needs to know that you appreciate them, and you can validate that by giving compliments, writing cute notes, or praising them often. If that’s your person, try this: Give them one unexpected compliment every day for a week.
  2. Do kind things for them. When you do the dishes, fold the laundry, or mop the floors, does it make your sweetheart swoon? Or, when you forget those things, is it World War III? They may feel the most love from when you do kind things for them. Someone with this preference wants to feel respected, and you can accomplish that by doing a chore they hate, taking something off their busy plate, or doing an unexpected favor for them. If that’s your person, try this: Do their least favorite chore the next few times.
  3. Give them nice things. When you bring home a bouquet of flowers, does your lovebug dance with excitement? Or, when you forget about birthday or anniversary presents, is it the worst day of your life? They may feel the most love when you give them nice things. Someone with this preference wants to feel loved, and you can show them you love them by giving them a just-because gift they’ll love! Don’t worry, this preference doesn’t have to destroy your bank account. People who love getting nice gifts don’t necessarily care about the cost—they care that you thought about them. So, if that’s your person, try this: Pick up a small, unexpected gift for them sometime this week.
  4. Spend time together. When you make time for a date night or snuggle up on the couch, does it thrill your hubs/wifey? Or, if you skip out on date night, are you in the doghouse? They may feel the most love from spending time together. Someone with this preference wants to feel valued, and you can show them that by planning a fun date, listening to them talk about their day, or having a long conversation with them. If that’s your person, try this: Plan an extra date where you can have great conversation together.
  5. Give them extra lovin’. When you hug your love, do they light up? Or, if you forget to kiss them goodbye, are they salty the rest of the day? They may love a little extra love. Someone with this preference wants to feel loved, and you can show them this by adding extra snuggle time, holding their hand in public, or giving them extra hugs. If that’s your person, try this: Snuggling them extra during your next movie date at home.

Once you start showing love to your bae the right way, you’ll be amazed at how much better they’ll feel your love. Then, you’ll be the #relationshipgoals for the rest of us.


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What to Wear on a Date Night In

Before every date, there’s the classic internal struggle about what to wear. Whether you just started dating or have been married a few years, it’s a whole ‘nother ball game when you start planning your threads for an at-home date. How do you juggle a Pinterest-worthy look with a comfy classic that makes you look like a million bucks but feels like your fave pjs? Struggle no longer, friend. Here’s a quick how-to guide that’ll make your date seamless.

How to Dress for: A Casual Game Night In

The best game night dates are comfy, casual, and a little competitive. A classic outfit like this looks poised, but is actually super chill. Grab your favorite white tee or tank, layer it with an oversized sweater in a gray or neutral tone, and throw on some black leggings to complete the look. Game night goals: achieved.

Shop this look here.

How to Dress for: Cooking Dinner Together

Want to spice things up for your next at-home dinner date? Cook together! Wear a fun, flirty dress, bust out the plates you got as wedding gifts, and have a cute, casual dinner date that will heat things up for you both.

Shop this look here.

How to Dress for: A Netflix Binge Marathon

Let’s be real. Netflix & chill is all emphasis on the chill. Don’t overdo this one. Throw on your cutest joggers or sweats, grab your fave black or white tee, & you’ll set for hours of binge-watching. Plus, smooching & stuff.  

Shop this look here.


5 Ways to Show Your Honey You Care

Looking to ignite some passion in your marriage? Date your spouse! One of the best things you can do to heat things up in your relationship is to remember what you did before you got married. And it’s way easier than you think to spice things up. Here are 5 simple ways to show your honey some love this week.

  1. Shave your legs. I totally get it. You wear pants to work, and ain’t nobody got time to think about your prickly legs. But seriously, it only takes an extra 2-3 minutes in the shower to let your love know you care. And trust me, you’ll be glad you did this one, too.
  2. Compliment instead of complain. Think back to last week. Were you mostly nagging your boo for the thousandth time to do what you asked them to? Did you catch them doing more things wrong than right? Complaining is a sure-fire way to dampen your relationship. Instead of complaining when you catch them doing the wrong thing, choose instead to encourage them when you catch them doing the right thing. This week, try to compliment more than complain.
  3. Brush your hair. Some weeks, it’s totally understandable to slather on the dry shampoo and throw up the messy bun three days in a row. And while you know they love you just the way you are, it’s nice to show you still care by stepping it up sometimes. Brush your hair, put on some lipstick, & dress to impress with a date-worthy look at home.
  4. Cook a meal. Popcorn & cereal are my dinner staples—I love them with all my heart. But cooking for my boo bear is special & means a lot to them. It doesn’t have to be super fancy—just make what you can. Who knows? The heat may make you both get out of the kitchen.
  5. Get frisky. This one’s a little self-explanatory. It’s good to get a little handsy when it’s not date night. Surprise your love with some extra snuggles, hugs, or sexy time this week. Since you shaved your legs, why not?

Try these 5 tips and you’ll be winning #relationshipgoals.


14 Tweets About First Dates That Are Too Real

First dates can be a lot of things: great, funny, horrible, and embarrassing, to name a few. I’ve rounded up a few of the funniest and most relatable #FirstDate posts on Twitter that will make you and your boo laugh until you cry. Check them out!

















Aren’t you glad you’re not single anymore?

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How Paying Off Student Loans Changed Our Marriage

This is part four in a four-part series on how to become debt free by working with your spouse to achieve your financial goals.

Go check out parts one, two, and three before you read this to get the whole story.

Overall, moving into the camper was one of the best things we’ve ever decided to do.

The thing is, you can do this, too.

We knew that if we wanted to accomplish our big goal of getting out of debt, then it was in our best interest to be on each other’s side

The result? We trust each other more now than ever. I think when you take a big leap together, you’re forced to trust each other.

That’s what our experience as a newly married couple living in an RV for almost a year was like.

Yes, as we talked about in our last post, we faced challenges. And yes, our camper looked like this every day (not).

In all honesty, we had disagreements. We felt crazy at times. And we stretched ourselves personally, financially, and emotionally.

But it was totally worth it. Sometimes, we even miss that simplicity and our passionate pursuit of a goal together.

Look. You can do the same thing. You can do what we did. You don’t have to live in a camper, but you can take steps to improve your financial life.

In fact, I hope our story inspires you to be bold in your dreams.

Money doesn’t have to hold you back. Money should propel you forward.

Get passionate about changing your situation. Take intentional steps to improve your marriage with money.

Make a budget by downloading our free budgeting spreadsheet. Make a plan. Stick to it. Find mentors.

Chase your dream of financial freedom. It’ll be one of the best things you can do for your future.

There’s nothing more satisfying than setting a big audacious goal with your spouse or partner and then achieving it together. The success is so much sweeter.

Dream on.


About the Author:

Zack is the founder and Chief Blogger at FreeUp, where he and his wife share weekly money tips that demystify personal finance for twentysomethings. Their story has been featured in Forbes, Yahoo Finances, and U.S. News. Want some help getting your finances in order? Click here to download their latest budget spreadsheet for free.